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 Our 2015 robot.

Our 2015 robot.


We are FRC team Cerberus located in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Based out of Chinook High School, Team Cerberus was formerly the combination of Chinook High School and Winston Churchill High School. Starting in the 2018 season, we've expanded into two teams, though we both remain under the name Cerberus, and both teams constantly collaborate and help each other out. Our team, number 5725 has been running since 2015. In that time we have built four robots, which have competed in a total of four regional competitions and one worlds championship. Our Team is built up of many student members, along with our mentors, but we are always looking to expand knowledge through new members.

The team started in 2015, when the game was called Recycle Rush, and involved stacking crates, recycling containers, and pool noodles. To stack the crates, the team members devised a winch system which would lift a specially made piece of metal that would hook onto the objects. This system proved to be quite effective, and in the Western Canada regional that year, the team scored well. In addition our team earned the Rookie All-Star award, which allowed us to move up to the Worlds competition in St. Louis. During the Worlds competition, we learned many important lessons about how high level teams operate, and how they design their robots.

The next year, the team, previously consisting only of students from Chinook High School, decided to expand to include students from Winston Churchill High School. The FIRST Stronghold challenge that year presented new challenges for us to solve. New members joining the team helped solve these challenges, and we used the lessons we had learned from Worlds and the our previous year, and the team went far. At the Western Canada Regional, the team placed sixth, with nine wins and only five losses. The team came in 6th place out of 36 competing teams.

2017's game, FIRST Steamworks, presented new challenges. We developed a robot that was very effective at moving gears around the field, as well as climbing quite consistently. Though we didn't end up making it to the playoffs that year, we continued to develop skills that will prove useful not only in future years of competition, but throughout our lives.

In 2018, we expanded into two team numbers, with Chinook High School remaining as 5725 while Winston Churchill High school became team 6841, Cerberus 2.0. In FIRST Power Up, the game's objective involved literally "tipping the scales to our favor," with Power Cubes (milk crates). We developed a robot that could lift the power cubes over 6 feet high, as well as climb onto a rung. Even after some minor setbacks, our team did rather well, placing 16th out of 35 in the qualifiers and making it to the quarter-finals, and continuing to delve into the fields of STEM.

IMG_4866 (1).JPG
 Our robot competing in 2017's competition, FIRST Steamworks.

Our robot competing in 2017's competition, FIRST Steamworks.

 Our robot built for 2016's competition,  FIRST Stronghold.

Our robot built for 2016's competition, FIRST Stronghold.