FRC 5725 - Cerberus
Chinook Robotics
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FRC Team 5725



Team 5725 - Cerberus is a robotics team based out of Chinook High School in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. We give students the opportunity to experience engineering through FIRST Robotics.  




259 Britannia Blvd.
Lethbridge, AB T1J-4A3



Skills Students Learn


The First Robotics program exposes students to a number of different sciences. Students learn to apply physics skills when solving problems, for example, how much force is needed to shoot a ball a certain distance. Students learn about using physics and electricity while building the robot.                                                                      


Mathematics is used by team members in every aspect of building the robot. Programmers use numbers in their code to make the robot move and perform its tasks. Team members working on the electronics of the robot use math skills to figure out various problems, such as the power needs of the robot. Every member of the team will use their math skills to solve problems. 


Designing, building, and operating the robot requires the use of multiple forms of technology. They use computers to design the robot and its parts, and they write code as well. They also wire the electrical components to move the robot, make the robot perform its tasks, and help to control the robot.                                                                                                            


Team members interested in Programming begin learning the programming language the robot uses soon quickly after joining the team. Programmers learn the rules and syntax of the language, and write the code that tells the robot what it should do, and at what time.


Engineering skills are used by team members involved in the construction of the robot. Team members use these skills to solve issues with the frame, gearbox, and all other mechanical and structural parts of the robot. Team members working with Computer Aided Design will also use engineering skills when designing parts for the robot.                                                                                                    


Managing media is a task taken up by team members. Team members learn to use cameras, photo and video editing software, social media, website building tools, among other media tools.